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I Help
People Make
An Impact &
Leave Legacies

Everyone wants to be remembered.

Make an impact on your community, organization, families, church, etc. See how I can help.




LaKisha Brown is well known for her contribution to her community through various events, media, and outreach services.

Kisha B & Co. was created to provide professional services to her community and various organizations. LaKisha has over ten years of experience in media, public speaking, and outreach development. 


Having the desire to leave a legacy of her own, she has bridged gaps within her community through Workshops, Seminars, Resources and Community Engagement. 

"When putting the needs of others first, you encourage and empower them, which in return, they perform at their highest capability. People just want someone to actually CARE and I do." - LaKisha



"I have witnessed Ms. Brown to be a consummate professional, who exhibits a passion and a drive, for impacting the lives of our citizens and bridging the gap between the community and police unlike anyone I have ever seen in my 26 years in law enforcement. 


From a law enforcement perspective, having witnessed the needs of many of our community members, I have become convinced that Ms. Brown demonstrates that she is sincere and committed to the cause of changing the social norms of our community and facilitating innovative outreach efforts."

Rodney Cox | Captain | Third Precinct Detroit Police Department - 9.4.2019


"As we continue to move forward in Faith, we must not forsake being servant leaders."

- LaKisha

Community Event


Impact and build relationships with your community through preparing yourself first.

effective Evangelism

Individuals will learn to understand the principles and practices of sharing their faith with others in a respectful and meaningful way. 

storytelling for impact

Focus on the art of storytelling to effectively tell your own accounts and testimonials in a captivating way.

community needs assessment

Learn how to conduct a community needs assessment to understand the specific issues and challenges faced by the community you engage with.


"I have witnessed a level of integrity, professionalism and consistency that is rare to find in todays business world. LaKisha is the epitome of how a "leader" should carry themselves including someone whom many can look up to when it comes to selfless care for a community." 


Scott Chambers | Owner | Drive Creative Services

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